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Rules & Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Code of Conduct of Students

Code of Conduct of Parents

Rules for Leave





All students are under obligation to strictly observe the school rules within the school premises as well as during the educational and recreational visits. Violation of these rules renders a student liable to disciplinary action resulting in a penalty which ranges from a fine, to withdrawal from the school depending on the gravity/parity severity of the offence.


He should be in prescribed dress and come to school in time.

He has to maintain minimum level of academic standards set by the school.

Conduct themselves gracefully and modestly.

Be respectful / courteous towards the members of faculty and management staff as well as to visitors & fellows.

Follow the daily routine of school with punctuality.




Accept responsibilities willingly as and when assigned by the authorities.

Refrain from bringing to school valuable items like mobile phone, camera, expensive watches, unauthorized money, etc.

Students are not permitted to:-

Come to school late.

Cheating or telling a lie.

Immoral conduct and stealing.

Breaking school bonds.

Damage the school property.

Being absent from class or school.

Indulging in any other activity without permission of school.

Show disrespect/rudeness to the members of the teaching / admin Staff or guest.

Violate me rules and regulations of the School and the instructions issued from time to time.

Use of unfair means in test/examination.






To obey rules and regulations of school

Keep in touch with school administration.

To attend parents and teacher meeting regularly and in time.

To check daily performance of their children.

To co operate in order to maintain the discipline of school.

To respect teachers.

Don't meet teachers directly.

To give opinions for the better educational system of school.

Don't ignore any minor change in student's personality/behavior.

To act upon the notices given by school administration.

To deposit children fee in time.

Don't visit class room and academic blocks.

Before visiting principal take your appointment through phone call in case of any emergency.

All disciplinary cases are final and cannot be challenged?



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Rules for Leave

Leave other than holidays authorized by school will not be granted, expect in very exceptional circumstances.

Leave is granted on written application addressed to the principal from the parents.

A leave application must clearly mention the name of student, class, roll number, guardian signature, phone number etc.

ln case of illness, leave applied for more than 4 days should be supported by medical certificate.

Maximum leaves to be allowed in a months will be 3 day A fine of Rs.5 will be charged on an absent/late coming.

80% attendance is necessary for taking exams.

Leaves availed will be considered as ABSENT.

The name of the student will be struck off if he/she remains absent consective for 5 days.

The principal is authorized to consider, re—admission.

Student will be re — admitted with full admission fee.

All disciplinary cases are final and cannot be challenged.

Rules for Payment of School Dues.

OUR SYSTEM is self financing on welfare (no loss no profit) basis, there fore payment of school dues is of vital importance. It may be noted that the staff of our school are full time employees whose salaries are paid from the funds generated by the respective schools.


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