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Well Come to Mianhaj ul Quran Model High School Mian Channu


Mission & Aims

Our Philosophy

Our Management

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Opportunity

Our Strength

Our Values

Our Aims

Our Philosophy

Our Management:


We have an exclusive system of management and consultancy which has been already explained in administrative structure.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to help students, to discover and develop their God given potentials to achieve the ultimate success.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to develop strategic bases of leaders in all walks of life actualizing the highest standards of efficiency, effectiveness, excellence, justice, trust, accountability, and commitment in accordance with national values and aspirations.




Our Opportunity:

Our opportunity is to provide services anywhere, anytime when anybody brilliantly imagines, truly believes, profoundly desires, and sincerely sacrifices to provide quality leadership and bring about the best in students.

Our Strength:

Our strength comes from our unique ability to innovate and response to the rapidly changing environment to sharpen our competitive edge by dedicating to and sacrificing for the singular focus of enriching the real potential of learning for leadership.

Our Values:

We regard each member of the School community as valuable individual.

We value the diversity of our students and aim to promote tolerance, trust and mutual respect in their relationships.

We promote a creative and positive environment in which all students can achieve to the best of their ability.

We believe that all members of the school community have the right to be safe, cared for and supported.

We believe that learning is a partnership between students, parents and teachers that can only take place in a calm, safe and ordered environment.



Our Aims:

1. To Secure and building bright future of students by providing high quality education and training for their academic excellence.

2. To use latest means of communication/teaching techniques and research work.

3. To develop courses according to future trends and for fulfilling the demands.

4. To achieve the excellence in different areas of interest.

5. To develop advanced education and training programs.

6. To provide high quality teaching faculty for the reward achievement of excellence in different areas of interest.

7. To forge a leadership agenda for organizing master of yourself and command of things around you.

8. Learns the skills required to perform leadership roles.

9. To provide opportunity for deserving students in shape of scholarships, prizes, fee concession and financial aid to fulfill their educational deficiency.

10. To make education a force, activating the dynamic mechanism of self development and self reliance.

11. To impart high level of modern education through extensive use of latest information, technology 8. Audio visual aids.

12. To offer whole some educational and coŚcurriculum activities at the most reasonable cost along with importing most relevant and practical curriculum.

13. To provide an atmosphere of pure learning, where students can have both theoretical knowledge and practical training which enable them to enter the reliance of highest studies with a confidence of sound background.

14. To master the complex, integrated process of decision making.

15. To eliminate surprises and embrace new opportunities with confidence.

16. To maintain academic discipline for providing quality education.

17. To understand the link between strategy, structure and performance.

18. To expand his/her skills as commander.

19. To check out a personal strategy for success in this world and hereafter.

20. To prepare students for the opportunities and responsibilities of adult life and citizenship.

21. To develop in our students an understanding of the importance of learning for its own sake.

22. To foster the moral, spiritual, cultural and social development of every student.

23. To inform students and parents regularly about academic progress.

24. To promote healthy living and well being.

25. To introduce Islamic values among the students.





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Minhaj ul Quran Model High School Tulamba Road Near Govt Degree College for Women Mian Channu Punjab Pakistan

Head Office: Minhaj Education Society (MES) PakistanHead Office: Model Town Lahore. 042-3111-140-140,  042-35169232