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Wel Come to Our Web Site about Mian Channu, a land of Eastern culture, designed by Muhammad Bilal Mujahid. Monthly updating. Insha Allah


NEWS & Media

Consciousness about worldwide information is an essential right of human beings. Tele-Communication and Mass-Communication are available to satisfy this need. Its basic means are NEWS, Media, and TV etc. There is a spacious network of Tele-Communication and Mass-Communication in Mian Channu. These sources solve many public problems. Communication is a source of contact and by dint of it, many ideas are transferred from one place to another, Communication and progress are part and parcel of one another. Recently it has become knowledge and proper art by which its importance has increased.



  • Important & Emergency  Phone No

  • Inter net Cable Provider

  • ISP & Internet Cafe

  • Mobile Franchises

  • Mobile Shops

  • Public Call Office & Fax

  • Post Office

  • Tele Phone Directory

  • Tele Phone Exchange


  • TV Cable Network

  • TV Boaster

  • TV Reporters

















































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