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BISS Mian Channu Campus

          This campus is part of British international school system which is led by Mr Javed Iqbal and has its head office in Multan.

British school system has many branches in different cities of the country.

In September 2011 we started British school Branch in Mian Channu, got very good response and support from our citizen / parents which encourage us to move further.

  • Education system and course is different from normal schools, it is designed to provide conceptual education to the students.

  • This school has three terms system in a year, and at the end of each term exams are conducted. Successful students are promoted to next step, and also parent teacher meeting are being conducted regularly to keep update parents about their children’s progress.

  • School is located on G T Road, easily accessible from all sides and away from congested population.   

  • Two  grassy grounds makes it different from others private schools in Mian Channu and provide environment friendly atmosphere for students and staff.

  • To give more attention to students we are keeping maximum 20 students  in one section / class.

  • School has air conditioned classrooms for lower level students and also we provide room heating in winter.

  • Stand by generator is available in case of electricity failure.

  • British international school system Mian Channu is  registered with Govt of Punjab as high school.

  • British school staff is well educated, mannered and trained to guide children towards their better future.

  • School provide pick and drop service to the needy students.

  • Annual sports day organized regularly along with other healthy activities like educational and recreational trip to nearby cities / places.

  • Every student is given a chance to come on stage and perform his/her activity in school assembly.

  • This is complete English medium school, students are encouraged to speak English during school hours and special classes/ period are arranged for student to overcome their English speaking problem.

  • A well equipped computer Lab with internet facility is provided along with library.

  • Music classes are provided to the interested student and specially to the play group children.

  • First aids facility is available in the school, and time to time different doctors are visiting the school to keep aware the children about their health.