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Our honour is to serve the special children


Govt. Special Education Center Mian Channu
Govt. Special Education Center Mian Channu was conceived as a social welfare organization to cater for the ever-growing needs of special children dwelling specifically in ‘rural’ areas of Pakistan. It is providing totally free education and school health services to special children living in Tehsil Mian Channu  for the past 7 years.



We deal here four disabilities

  • Hearing impaired children (گونگے بہرے)

  • Visually impaired children (نا بینا)

  • Mentally retarded children (ذہنی معذور)

  • Physically disabled (جسمانی معذور)


Facilities Provided Here Free

  • Admission

  • Education

  • Pick & Drop

  • Uniform

  • Text Book

  • Brail Books

  • Milk Pack 250 ML/Day

  • Scholarship Rs.200/Month

  • Wheel Chairs, Crutches

  • Visual Assessment

  • Hearing Assessment

  • Recreational Tours

  • Teaching Aids