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   Vision & Aims



Our honour is to serve the special children


   Our aim is to educate, train, rehabilitate special children.

We believe that all special children have the potential of becoming equal, participating members of society if provided the right facilities.

   Our vision and endeavor is to provide such an environment for these children. We also acknowledge that some children have very special and complex difficulties; but we believe that acceptance, understanding and intensive periods of skilled intervention can bring about extraordinary change to these children.


  • To offer a safe and supportive environment within which these special children can develop their full potential, leading to healthy, satisfying and independent lives within society.
  • To maintain a positive school culture where children are motivated and challenged by high expectations, and where success is constantly celebrated.
  • To be widely recognized as a specialist centre of excellence where information, training and support is shared with parents, other schools and professionals and the wider community.
  • To develop a curriculum that meets the special needs of its pupils with particular emphasis on communication, social skills and skills for daily living.
  • To prepare pupils for the opportunities, experiences and responsibilities of adult life.
  • To meet each pupil's unique needs by providing innovative and flexible services in collaboration with partner agencies.
  • To provide in-house medical facilities as no such facilities exist for special children in the area.
  • To work in partnership with other organizations also serving rural children with special needs.





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