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Wel Come to Our Web Site about Mian Channu, a land of Eastern culture, designed by Muhammad Bilal Mujahid. Monthly updating. Insha Allah






Education is a process, which arises to the human conscious, and it improves thinking power like positive manners. It makes spacious to thinking and it also brings up to the human spirits. Mian Channu city is under progress now a day but God has favored it by the gift of education. Many institutions and their excellent result are open proof of education progress in this city. Many rare and extraordinary personalities have appeared by these educational institutions.

Special Education Center
Govt Special Education Center

Ravi Institute for Special Education

Govt Special Education Center
Our honour is to serve the special children.
Address: opposite *THQ Mian Channu City

We deal here four disabilities
  1. Hearing impaired children

  2. Visually impaired children

  3. Mentally retarded children

  4. Physically disabled

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Email  :   govtspecialeducation@gmail.com
* THQ = Tehsil headquarter Hospital
Ravi Institute for Special Education
Nursery to 5th

Address: Near  Faiz Abad




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